18 Compliments All Women Like To Hear

Compliments women love to hear

Every Veere needs taarefas!

Every human being loves compliments. It gives boast to one’s confidence and brings a good air to them. and every once in a while every lady you know deserves to be showered by compliments. What you don’t want is to cringe her away with the extremes of compliment so here are few that you can use and bring a huge smile to her face!

  1. You’ve got innocent eyes

Eyes are the gateway to one’s soul is what some sane man righty said and compliments like you have innocent eyes or beautiful eyes will surely floor your woman.

  1. Your smile makes me go crazy 

Every women smiles beautifully and it’s important to make them feel good about it. You have a magical smile or you laugh like you are living from your heart, compliments like these make a girl’s day.

  1. I love playing with your hair

It takes lot of efforts to do one’s hair, so whenever you meet her next, compliment her hair and the best one is when he says, I love playing with your hair. For sure, you’ll be on her hit list.

  1. You’ve got the best body, so hot! 

When your girl asks you if she looks fat, no is not the right answer and most boys know it very well, so what’s the right answer? You look perfect. Not fat, not slim, just hot! Try this one next time.

  1. I haven’t seen a beauty with brain before 

We all know that women are smarter than men and admitting that once in a while does no harm rather it gives you brownie points. Always tell her that’s she’s intelligent.

  1. You fragrance pulls me towards you 

Telling a woman that you like her perfume and that she smells amazing is sensual and flattering all the way. Tell her she has got fragrance of a flower or something.

  1. You look gorgeous in pink or blue or white or anything 

When she wears her favourite colour, or if a colour suits her, do not forget to tell her that.

  1. Your touch reminds me of my grand mother 

Complimenting her pretty and long fingers or hands is really important. On one hand it works on appreciating her manicure and on the other hand this embeds an emotional feeling in her. Go try this one.

  1. I am so flattered by your cheeks

You have got cute cheeks – Flattered, Flattered, Flattered and falling in love!

  1. Whatever I am in life, it’s because of you my lucky charm 

So cheeky? may be but that’s something all girls want to listen. Weather something happened because of her or not, give her the credit and tell her she is your lucky charm, she’ll be all over you.

  1. Oh gosh, you drive way better than me

Since many girls don’t know how to drive and the whole community is blamed. Those who are good at it are really conscious about i. Compliment your girl on her driving skills, because she loves driving as much as you do!

  1. The way you carry yourself, no one can. You are the fashion icon

A girl and her clothes both are to be complimented from the core of your heart, especially if she was a tom boy once upon a time.

  1. Your beautiful lips pull me closer 

I love the feel of your lips, yours lips are so soft, and I want to kiss you all day long – what’s more steaming, hot and sexy than that?

  1. You’ve got all the right curves

She is sexy and she knows that about her curves just keep on reminding her now and then.

15. You know how to make me happy, this dish has come out just perfect 

If she cooks, don’t just look, tell her how much you love what she made.

16. Girls don’t take their work seriously but the way you do is simply incredible 

Today’s women are the one who go out and earn so never forget to acknowledge her achievements and the efforts she puts in her work.

17. You love games too? You are just so fun, man! 

Women also know about football, bikes, video games and cars, so appreciate it and show her how you love her as she is your treasure.

18. Man, you are so sorted in life 

Appreciate your lady for how sorted and loving she is, what more does one need!

Try out these compliments, she’ll always be by your side. Its just that you need to know how to make your girl happy and these complements are the trick to it.

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