5 Types Of Married Women, You’ll See Only In Delhi

Types Of Married Women

Coming from a somewhat working kind of background, I could notice that women of today are no longer victims of situations. They know the ways of pulling themselves up and standing in the league. The melodrama is going off the table and most of them are going after what they really want. Some are fighting for their education, while some have to overcome office manipulations and some have to handle their bad marriages. But none of them seems to giving up nowadays, man, which feels really great. Here are some sort of women, I have noticed to be around me:

1. Fashionista’s, making their way to page 3

 You would find most of this category at any event or a restaurant launches party, all dressed up with beautiful makeup on, looking all gorgeous and smart.

2. Corporate freaks, trying to get through office challenges

Most of the women of today are working their ass off in the offices, juggling with the office politics with drained health, yet surviving with the pressure to stay in shape. Some are single, some are married, and others don’t really know what they want.

3. Those who wanted to do a lot but ended up being homemakers

Despite of a great start in their careers, they have rested their case somewhere in the middle. This is pretty much becoming a big category because even today 80% of women feel the same typical reason that there is no work life after marriage.

4. Homemakers turned freelancer, finally showing their talent

 These are those self-empowered firefighters, who after becoming great homemakers have entered the industry in a professional way. Some are without any career background, while others are making a comeback after giving almost half of their lives to their families.

And last but not the least,

5. Women with awesome cooking skills (not everyone fits in here)

You would find these in most of the food groups or events, showcasing their brilliant culinary skills. They might not know how to put great make up on or even dress-up like a hot chick but they know how to boggle someone’s mind tastefully.

Fall into 1 or into the 5th or if you want to list down some more categories here, but believe me, each woman is an achiever and I would definitely give some credit to this new breed of men in town who appreciates the worthiness of the ladies around them. Kudos to all the delhihites!

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