Good News For Overweight People, Your Fat Is Not That Bad!

Don’t be surprised if someone tells you that there are advantages of being overweight!

Good in bed

Do you know, there are advantages of being overweight too!

People with more weight have always been criticised. They are pushed towards weight loss activities and are often asked to go for diet plans etc. Though more weight has some distinct disadvantages yet it comes with some surprising benefits. If you look from different angles, being overweight it not that bad.

If you are obese, you are likely to be benefited with various benefits like these:

  1. With more weight you have reduced risk of rheumatoid arthritis

Research has found that people who are on the heavier side have some distinct advantages of being overweight. Research published in the journal Rheumatology has found that obese people are likely to have less chances of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

  1. You are less likely to have dementia

Among other advantages of being overweight is the fact that such people are less likely to suffer from dementia. This research was published in The Lancet and Endocrinology and found out that such people have 25 percent less chance of suffering from dementia in the later years of their life.

  1. Your immune system is way stronger than others 

Though obese people suffer from multiple ailments at times, it is also true that people who are overweight have a stronger immune system. Common cold and flu are less likely to affect obese people which can be considered among the distinct advantages of being overweight.

  1. You have the capacity to recover much faster from any ailments 

People who are obese are likely to recover at a faster pace from any ailment in comparison to others who are slim. Such people are more susceptible to ailments but it is also true that they recover faster.

advantages of obesity

  1. You are good in the bed

A hidden fact about people who are fat is that such people last longer in bed. It might surprise you but one of the distinct advantages of being overweight is that such people have a hormone known as “Estradiol” which inhibits the male orgasm and make them better and loveable in bed.

Good in bed

  1. You are much happier Obese people are happy

Among other advantages of being overweight is the fact that the happiness index of such people remains on the higher side and they are always more happy in comparison to others.

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