7 Reasons It Is Normal To Be “Just Friends” With Your Ex-Boyfriend

Being freinds with your boyfriend can be a joyous fact and will make you a mature person anyday.

In another relationship and still want to be friends with your ex boyfriend? This looks unrealistic to many. We have been living with a ideology “once a breakup, always a breakup” since ages. But things are changing now. Believe it or not, guys and girls are flexible these days. You break up, take time to move on and then it’s all good again, It’s totally normal to be friends with your ex- boyfriend.

1. You’ve moved on and it doesn’t matter now 

If you’ve moved on honestly, it should not matter at all. After most breakups, it is difficult to see each other initially but after a while everything gets normal. If he has moved on and he is fine catching up with you, you don’t have any reasons for not meeting him.

Moving on girl

2. You are mature enough to handle things 

If it was a mutual breakup, both of you will be in a position to see each other easily later. The best part is you no longer have the fear of loosing each other. You can hang out with each other and talk about your lives normally.

3. He was always a great friend, might be a bad partner 

There are various reasons to quit a relationship like incompatibility, difference in habits, opinion clashes, comfort factor etc. These might not cluttered your mind about your partner but if you can go back and remember the phase of being good friends, you won’t feel a thing.

4. Meeting common friends can be awkward after breakup 

Definitely you have friends, both of you. But once you breakup, it’s becomes awkward to meet other friends too. Just go back to your phase of being friends with each other and it won’t be a problem to sit in your group again..

5. He knows all your secrets, letting him go can be dangerous

Most important of all the factors, as a friend or as boyfriend, he knows almost every little detail of your life. Be a little wicked, don’t let him leave. Keep him around you so nothing can go wrong.

Wicked girl

6. No sexual chemistry means no strings attached 

No romantic feelings for each other means no sexual chemistry which makes you more comfortable with other. You are left with the feeling of friendship only which means there can be more good times of laughing together on stupid jokes.

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