7 Statements Your Rishtedar (Relatives) Say When You Don’t Score Above 99% In 10+2

Bad relatives

Pressure of relatives is too high in our country that bigger pressures are neglected sometimes. Not getting admission in DU ( Delhi University) has become like a biggest fear for kids pursuing their 10+2 because of the high cut offs and huge competition in applicants appearing for it. While this wasn’t enough, another big pressure has emerged which is the unbeatable and unbearable. This is the pressure of relatives. I tell you, relatives, don’t just want to let people live their lives. The moment you pass out, you are in the hands of these relatives who would tear your emotions apart. Here are some statements, most relatives would sty just in case you are not able to score above 99% in your examination:

  1. Haww! Ab kya karoge? DU to milega nai

As if only DU can be the only option for having a good career. Believe me, there are ample of good career options out there, if taken seriously, can do wonders in life. I feeling replying to this statement saying “Aur to pata nai kya karungi, tumhara sir zaroor phod sakti hoon”

  1. Yehi hota hai again pehle padai me dhyan na do to

What else do you think I was doing man? These blood suckers would not look at the extremely high competition out there but would come to drain your brain out.

  1. Himalaya pe ja ke matha tek ke nai aye na to aur kya hoga


  1. Humare bache to itne padaku hain, book kheenchni padti hai unke hath se

Of course, you should look at the novel inside their books once. What they are reading, you just can’t even imagine in your wildest dreams.

  1. Maine kaha tha, tuition leni chahiye thi tumhe

This statement irritates the most. A guy/girl who have been able to score this much without any tuition in today’s time is commendable but why would these guys look at that part?

  1. Koi nai, koi chhota mota course kar lena

I feel like saying you do not have to worry at all. These kids who have been able to score this much, would surely be able to crack some of the biggest deals in life, easily.

  1. Arre beta, humare zamane me to itne me chand pe chale jate the

Times of education were hell hazy back then but these crepes would not forget about mentioning this thousand times.

I find it pretty hilarious these days whenever I see my younger siblings being surrounded by a bunch of relatives right after their exam results. But you know what, nothing works better than pure ignorance for them. Just let go and let the time say for itself.

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