7 Things Every Indian Mother Does Before & After Buying A Bed

7 Things Every Indian Mother Does Before & After Buying A Bed

Behind every neat and clean house is a bed box full of everything in the world. Now this might sound hilarious to people outside but every Indian would agree to the fact that in India, beds are bought for more space than comfort. Our mothers would go to every corner of the market to buy that perfect bed that can accommodate the entire house within. Here are the 5 things most Indian mothers look for in a bed before and after buying one:

1. She’ll look for a bed that has a huge box for storage, big enough to accommodate a grown up man

Size of the bed is directly proportional to almost everything in the house and thus the biggest one is picked so it can be completely occupied with loads and loads of household stuff.

2. Height of the bed box should be extra large

Even when your or their room has the perfect look for a low floor bed or you like a bed with just rods and no box, you are not allowed to buy one. An idea bed is the one, which has a big height so your mother can use the space for big products in the house.

3. Kids are not allowed to jump on the base, if it’s open (Lakdi toot sakti hai)

As soon as the bed is opened to be stuffed, all the kids of the house arrive to turn it into their play area and are often turned away with the fear of wood breakage that might not even happen in ages.

4. Job of the kids is to fill up each corner of the bed box (taki kone kone me samaan bhar jaye)

It’s not possible for you or your mother to reach to the other end of the bed and thus come the role of the younger one who as asked to go and keep things so each corner can be used properly.

5. Fill the bed with everything in the house

Few things will go in it and then there’ll be a whole house that would go inside the bed. A pill of clothes, blankets, quilts, Diwali gifts etc etc is fit perfect well inside the box.

6. After it’s full, she’ll still fill it up more with extras

Even after the box is full of almost everything, there’ll be still extra things in the house that she’ll fit inside the box.

7. As soon as the bed box is full of all the stuff, the entire family would sit on it to close it

While stuffing no one remembers that the bed box is supposed to be closed at the end so it can fulfil it’s real purpose. But as soon as the entire world would accommodate in it, everyone is worried about how to close it. So at the end, the entire family sits on it to press the top and squeeze all that’s inside.

That’s the story of almost every bed in India. So what if we keep everything, we are good people and we love everyone.

Image courtesy: Magang

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