7 Tips On How To Overcome Depression Naturally

Tips to overcome depression

With hectic life schedule, not much talking to friends or family members, depression is bound it happen. What’s more saddening is that people have started living with this state, more like accepting it as part of their lifestyle. If you or your friends are facing any signs of depression, there are things you’ve got to be cautious of:

  1. Leave your room, just move out of your house

In case you are an introvert, it’s mandatory to leave your room as soon as you realise that it’s taking your mind in all the wrong directions. If you don’t have many friends, just go and grab a coffee at any coffee shop. Spend time looking at people, reading or many be not doing anything. Your mind needs to breathe too and that’s going to happen outside only.

  1. Avoid intake of excessive alcohol

It’s natural that a person who normally also consumes alcohol would tend to intake more and more during their depression phase. If you find yourself or your friend, stuck in such a situation, try and control, as much as possible.

  1. It’s never too late to talk to your friends again

You might have lost touch but it’s always fine to go back to the same old friends and talk to them. Call them, message or email, do whatever you can but talk to your old friends because no one knows you better than they do.

  1. It’s okay if you don’t want to talk to your family members

Many people find it uncomfortable to open up in front of their family members. It’s totally okay to avoid them once in a while.

  1. Exercise to release your stress

Walking, jogging, yoga (pranayama) like exercise helps you release your stress. Meditation also helps to calm down your mind but it’s okay if you can’t do that. Other exercises are also relaxing.

  1. It’s totally okay to see a doctor

If its not happening on your own, seek help of a doctor. It’s totally okay if you need medical help of any kind. Talking to a psychiatrist or taking stress medication for your recovery period.

  1. Don’t get addicted to stress medicines

Being one of the easiest solutions, people often get addicted to taking stress or anxiety medicines for overcoming their depression disorder. This should be your last resort out of all the above listed solutions. Even if your doctor had advised you to have some for a while, don’t be addicted to them.

Relax yourself as much as you can. Look within to see what’s bothering you and find out remedies for yourself. No one can help you better than you can do yourself.

Disclaimer: Above listed tips are based on personal experiences and doesn’t involve opinion from any medical institute or person.

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