8 Kind Of Pressure Youth Of Today Is Handling Very Well


In addition to the extreme study and work pressure, the youth of today is supposed to handle, there are certain things they are managing even at their inexperienced age. No wonder they are active and mature these days. There are reasons how are they maintaining a great balance in their life. Observe closely and you would notice these their excellent management skills in all these below mentioned aspects:

  1. Staying in touch with Ex’s

Breakups are not easy. It’s difficult to stay away from your ex’s so why to leave. Most youngsters are always in touch with their ex’s despite of the breakups. You never know there could be chance of getting back together.

  1. Handling current boyfriend/girlfriend

The current boyfriend/girlfriend need constant attention. So you have to plan the dates, movies and hangouts accordingly. Amidst the chaotic pressure of the career, these people are never ignored.

  1. Being constantly available for future husband/wife

Apart from the ex’s and the current’s, there is another category which needs to be managed, you see. Usually these are those people who they want them in life but can’t have. Constant availability increases the possibilities to being together in future.

  1. Updating statuses everywhere on social media

They make sure they are constantly updating their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc profiles because that’s in these days.

  1. Remembering to click pictures using Snapchat every time

Okay now this would be new for many of you that despite of a great camera available in IPhone, OnePlus and other smart phone devices (for which they claim to be the best ones), clicking through snapchats every time they click is the new thing.

  1. Being a pro International traveler

Weather they like to travel or not, doesn’t matter but traveling to places outside India is cool. Doesn’t matter if millions of people from around the globe are every year, there’s a strict no no to places within the country because that’s not cool.

  1. Showing off expensive equipment & clothes

Well, we should give them a discount on this. This is their age for it.

  1. Gyming, Zumba, Pilate and what not

If they are not a Zumba freak or are not going to Gym, it’s considered as a bad omen. Their friends judge them if they are not able to spare time for these things.

  1. Being a social influencers & getting more likes all around

In addition to updating social status, it’s important to have likes and followers on the social platforms. Being a social influencer is the coolest of all.

Now parents, what more do you expect from your kids. They have to stay busy with this to-do list.

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