9 Things You Will Relate To If You Love Taking Nap All The Time

Taking nap

Sleep and naps are one thing we all love to talk about. Things become even more interesting when we get to relate ourselves with it just as we find memes interesting. So let’s make this interesting and talk about 9 things you will definitely relate to if you love taking naps all the time. Here we go.

1. When during work hours (or study hours) you feel like the world will fall for apocalypse if you won’t sleep and your eyes slowly get out of your will and choice and they close themselves. But when it gets at about 2 AM – your senses are active than ever before the whole day.

2. One thing that definitely becomes a prop and showpiece is your alarm clock. You start to feel that snooze button is the greatest invention ever and is the turning point in the field of engineering, science and technology.

3. If you’re taking a short nap somewhere – be it in your school, college, office or be it your home – your assumption or expectation is always exceeded. You think that I’ll wake up after 10 min but when you wake up – it’s already 223 minutes since you slept. You never wake up on the time intended that often costs you heavily.

4. Now talk about blankets and quilts. You feel like being barbequed over fire when you are inside the blanket completely but by keeping just a leg outside – suddenly you are surrounded by Arctic polar winds that won’t leave a chance to freeze you to ice. There’s nothing in between.

5. It often happens that when you are at work and start to stare just a point continuously without a blink, start to think over happenings of the past and some events start to create a hustle in your brain. Everything gradually starts to slow down and at a point it becomes the slowest possible and you are into you beloved nap now and living those happenings and events now into your dreamland.

6. After you wake up from a deep afternoon sleep, you often involuntarily grab your toothbrush and being to go towards bathroom thinking that it’s morning and the beginning of a new day until and unless someone reminds you that it’s 8 P.M now and you gotta go for your dinner now.

7. Often when you’re deep into work and you feel like there is a whole lot of burden on you of work or studies, you make a schedule that cuts off your sleep hours on paper but when the hour of sleep arrives, you make promises to yourself that you’ll do that later and grab your pillow with a contented heart.

8. When anything happens to you medically, the first solution that comes into your mind is sleep. Even if it is a physical wound, you think that sleeping would make you feel better and for you – sleeping becomes a universal medicine in your perception.

9. You often see things in your dreams you usually don’t want to see or something that scares. Initially you believe over the statement that you see things in your dreams that you think of the most but for most of the time – that didn’t turn out as expected. Opposites happen like you like being an American tourist but you seem to travelling in Moscow with Putin.

So these were the 9 points that you’ll certainly find relatable you are into excessive naps. Some might make you giggle and some a smirk.

So keep napping lads.

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