BroCode? Naah, It’s Time For Girls Now! 28 Rules Of Girl Code We Must Start Following  

Rules of girl code

Guy unity has always been a thing. It started with the days of “How I Met Your Mother” where Barney Stinson’s listed his bro codes, giving all sets of rituals for men starting from when to wear suits to dating rules and what not. He has always focused on the fact that men are coolest and are always there for each other. While there have never been a thing called as girl code, the way bro code has established a ground.

Can’t women be there for women?

If they can, here are the rules for girl code each girl must follow:

  1. Guys come and go but your girlfriends are there forever.

  2. If she has drinking plans, tag along and never let her go home alone.

  3. In case, she hasn’t tried something she always wanted, do it together.

  4. Always be available to listen to her if she wants to share something, esp. if it’s about her boyfriend.

  5. Stay connected with her if she is on a date. You never know she might need you any moment.

  6. Always tell her if any dress or color is not looking good on her, weather it’s your best friend or someone else’s.

  7. If you notice her nipples are visible, let her know.

  8. If her crush made a move on you, just go straight and tell her. (Remember Pheobe told everything to Rachel when that Spanish guy made a move on her)

  9. Never invite her enemies to your party.

  10. Post breakup party is a must.

  11. Do not flirt with her boyfriend or even Ex for that matter. He can’t be with you, if she has had a history with him.

  12. Join a girl on the dance floor if you catch her dancing alone. Make sure you give your best shot.

  13. Never share her secrets with anyone else.

  14. Take a trip or two together. Traveling and explore is fun.

  15. Weekend fun is a must. Watch a movie or just go out shopping.

  16. No dating with siblings. Strict no no.

  17. Always give out hair bands and tampons, wherever she needs.

  18. Accompany her to the bathroom, if she needs help.

  19. Give compliments to each other.

  20. If she is looking better than you, don’t be jealous. Appreciate rather.

  21. Don’t let a guy come between you two.

  22. Call her bitch in person but defend her in front of your boyfriend.

  23. Stop pulling her down at work.

  24. Help and support her to grow and be successful in life.

  25. Don’t judge another woman without meeting her.

  26. Momentary catfight is fine but never stretch it for long.

  27. Always have solution for her problems.

  28. Stand by every girl you see on the street needing any sort of help/support.

Most of the real life problems begin when a girl starts hating the other one. Love each other and make things work for yourself.

In case I’ve missed out on any of rules of the girl code, share in the comments below.

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