Guys, Giving Over Protection To Your Girl Can Be Suffocating

Men often feel they have been given the right and liberty to protect the females around them, especially their wives. World is not a safe place for women, I agree but does that mean, men have the right to control her?

Very recently, I happen to meet a long lost relative of mine who just got married. I remember how she excited she was before her marriage. I couldn’t attend her wedding for some reason. Anyways, I met her and all she had to babble about was her new family, her husband and the new routine she has now.

So, her routine now was:

“Get up early morning, cook breakfast and lunch for her husband. Take care of her household, wash clothes sometimes and iron them. Mostly she used to get free by 1 o clock. Then, she would have lunch with her mother in law, kill time from 2-7pm and then get back to the kitchen to prepare dinner. That was all she was doing in contrast to spending almost 8 hours at work before her marriage.”

I asked her why aren’t you working now, when you have so much time already? Her answer was, she has been getting many offers from different companies but she has been turning down because either those companies were far away from where she resides or they had long working hours. So, he things it will be difficult for her to manage all that traveling alone and what if she has to stay late in office, it won’t be possible for her to manage.

This takes me back to another bunch of thoughts, how was she managing everything before then? She was not staying with her family so anyways she was taking care of her clothes etc before too. She used to wash them and iron them on her own. She never liked food from outside so she would cook for herself and for her flat mates too. Her dad too was much careful about her and often used to keep calling her if she didn’t reach back home on time which means her family was also caring enough for her. When most of her routine is similar, what’s basically wrong here?

After thinking for an hour, I could figure out what was wrong here. Men are protective towards women, they have always been, thats kind of awesome too. Along with being protective, urban men are supportive too but this protective attitude sometimes turns into over protectiveness, which somehow is a bigger problem. Over protection is no lesser than suffocation.

When I think further on this topic, I reach to a level where I find another thing wrong about this whole scenario. It’s the mindset. Mindset like:

A married woman must not stay out till late
A married woman must be back soon to cook for the family
A married woman must not be independent

Having too many expectations from a married lady has been the trend of our country since ages. Yet she excels at every level.

Although I believe this might not be a sole reason for many, yet there are thousands of men and their families out there who think that letting their wives or daughter in laws, respectively can be a hindrance for their family stature.

I salute to all those ladies who manage their household, kids and office work at the same time and still manages with all the crap she gets from the society.

A woman can manage everything, may be that’s an issue?

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