Old Age Doesn’t Mean It’s Mandatory To Become Religious

Old age is fun

In India, it’s a culture to stop drinking, stop going to clubs and stop having social get together after you cross a certain age. That age being, 50+. It would sound funny to many, esp. those reading from outside India that Indians live with a concept of changing their lifestyles, as soon as they cross this age. This change in lifestyle has nothing to with money or their families, nor with their physical well being. It’s true that some people are caught with diseases and medications at that age but that’s the case with may us even at the age of 16 or 17. I have heard about severe cases of illnesses at the age of 1 too but as soon as people cross 50, most of them are traumatised by feelings like they are nearing the end of their lives.

Some thoughts people get after their 50’s

  1. I must retire and live in peace now

  2. No way I should be involved in games like Tambola or 3 taash (playing cards)

  3. My body doesn’t allow me to travel, I should stay at home only

  4. I Can’t take the pain of making money making any more

  5. Even if I don’t like to wake up early, I must because this is the age for it

  6. Yamraj (God of death) is on it’s way to pick me (not that he’s really coming)

Major one being:

It’s time I should start visiting temples and spend most of my times doing rituals

This has been one of the key concerns of people turning 50. Most of them start visiting temples, gurus and religious bodies thinking its time for them to start preparing for death.

Visiting temple for peace and happiness, definitely is a great idea but catching up with god because of the fear of death doesn’t sound like a good idea, does it?

While some of us are planning to retire at 50-60, there are those who are making great things happen at those ages:

Death is uncertain. We don’t know where will we go after we die. If you wish really believe in doing something, do something good for yourself or for the people around you or simply those who might need help.

Staying positive might help you get more peace than anything else in this world.

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