Periods? Shush! We Must Not Talk About It!

Talk about periods

Is it so? Is menstruation that bad that we should not talk about it openly?

If yes, then women are bad because they face it every month?

But men are pure, right?

Gender inequality is one thing, a lot has been said about it but there are ample of more issues in our country that wont let us grow as a society. The issue of being “Shush” about natural processes called menstruation.

Since childhood, I’ve been a firm disbeliever of various myths around menstruation.

Myths around periods:

  1. You should not go to the temple during periods
  2. Don’t step into the kitchen
  3. Don’t cook
  4. Don’t go out to play
  5. Don’t drink/eat outside food and what not.

Just like me, almost every girl of my generation doesn’t approve of these myths. None of us think that by going inside the temple during menstruation, our god or the place he lives in will become impure. If that could ever happen, then why did he give us a sin like this? Was he this unhappy with the women generation? I don’t think so.

If we look at it scientifically and believe it’s a natural process (which I think it is) then so is peeing, excretion, pregnancy and sex. Although we are not allowed to talk about the latter 2 but first 2 processes, we do and talk about normally. Then, what goes wrong with periods? That’s also waste discharge from a woman’s body, isn’t it?

Forget about men, even women feel ashamed talking about this natural process. What a pity!

With all these thought, I came across this amazing video by Quint that has captured real time reactions of men on being inquired about periods.

I would recommend this to all the men and women to watch this video and see where our society is moving.

P.S: Please don’t judge the reporter and look at the bigger picture.

It’s good to see how the new generation has reacted to the conscious queries of the reporter. Guys have talked about it openly. They do understand the process very well along with the PMS issues women face. Some of them looked quite supportive as well which is what is needed. Yet, there are a lot many out there who still feel shy on talking about periods.

It’s high time we must change the way we think. Stop spreading myths around menstruation and be vocal about it.

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