Ridiculous Reasons Your Neighbours & Relatives Give You For Having Kids

i don t want children

Don’t want children?

Welcome to the no-kids zone.

Why no kids yet, when are you having kids all these question keeps coming to those who have crossed more than 6 months of their married life. Pretty much, this has become part of our lives. But believe me, these queries are the worst nightmares ever keeps coming back from different set of people. If you feel so too, here are some more things you would have heard your neighbours relatives say for sure and of course those friends who have already fallen into the trap and are jealous of you for being so happy. So here are few things, you might have heard people around you say:

  1. Your kid would complete the cricket team of our building

And you want me to buy that? Like seriously! You want me to have kids so that can complete a society cricket team? Get a life man!

i don t want children

  1. You will start getting more likes on your Facebook pictures

I feel most lame people would be those who would actually have a kid for such a lamest reason.

  1. Kids contests man! Haven’t your heard of them yet? Your little one could become famous. Imagine!

You think I spend that much time on Facebook to notice that?

  1. How can you celebrate festivals without kids?

Don’t you miss “chota krishan” on Janamasthmi or a ram ji during Diwali or kanjan during navratras. I feel like saying so this is why you go through that pain of 9 months so you can decorate your kid with all those ornaments and take them to temples and let people can bow against him/her.

  1. It’ll help you quit your drinking habits

I don’t want to? Is that a problem with you? Why don’t you just go!

  1. So if you would stop, would would use Johnson and Johnson products?

Right exactly, I am the one who has helped them become a billion dollar company till now!

no kids

  1. How will you survive when you’ll be old

As if he/she’s going to stay with me for that long or even if I’ll be alive till then. You never know these days. It’s a disastrous world.

  1. You’ll feel like promoted once you have them

As far as I have seen around, they are the ones who increase the overall expense and continue to do so till you start starving.

  1. You must do it early and be free (Kar ke kaam khatam karo)

This one is the funniest of all. I mean seriously? Does this end there? Isn’t it a beginning of a life full of chills and goosebumps.

  1. Once you have kids, you won’t have issues with your partner

I met a doctor sometime back whom I was seeing for some stomach issues. That lady asked me if I have kids and I say “no”. I was expecting her to say that you might be facing troubles due to this but rather she said, good you don’t have one. She clearly said, no issues can go off with arrival of a child in your life. You just ignore it for a while but they stay and they stay forever.

dont need kids

All this and a lot more I’ve heard from everyone around me. It’s not that I hate kids. They are cute and sweet and adorable especially when they are holding hands of their parents and are walking all around. Kids are great, as long as they are someone else’s.

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