What You Learn From Breakup, No One Can Teach You

Learning from breakups

Although relationships are of various kinds but as soon as you listen to this word “relationship”, you end up thinking about love relations only. You get along with someone, match the likings between you two and bang the relationship begins, without realising about truthfulness of the bond. However, going forward, the spark starts phasing out and comes the introspection stage comes up. This introspection of each other often lead another realisation about relationship which is mere infatuation with no love.

When someone is infatuated to anyone, life of that relationship is not long. It often leads both of them to insecurity and eventually betrayal and breakup soon after. Sometimes, I feel, relationships are funny too. You meet people, spend time together, share almost everything with each other and then fall apart. I’ve come across many around who simply date or have relationships for short time only. This is a phase they go through till they don’t find their perfect partner which is fair enough. You don’t need to be rigid all the time. But you know what, if you go deeper into the breakup side, there’s a lot of learning in it.

Here are some of the learnings of breakup, not sure if you have ever faced or noticed:

1. You start giving more value to your family

Until you don’t end up your love relation, you don’t value your family much. Usually the age of youth is quite confusing and often distances people from their families because of interference issues.  But when this love chapter is closed, family is all the support you have. The bond gets thicker and you tend to spend more time with your parents, siblings and cousins.

2. Career becomes your top priority

This happens with almost everyone. So as to forget about your partner, you often spend more time at work. Your entire attention is directed towards making money and right moves at career. Usually people succeed when they are during their breakup stage or sometime later too.

3. You friends become extremely important to you

Friends are your only support after breakup. You tend to spend more time having beers or simply chilling out with them. Surprisingly there’s ample of time for you to hang out with your friends.

4. Finally you realise there’s something called as “me time”

Okay so this you experience, only once you are out of the relationship. The value of me time is out of the world. There’s hell lot you feel like doing for eg. reading, gymming or cycling or joining dance classes or simply laying down in bed whenever you want. The fun of no questioning is incomparable.

5. It’s time for some flirting

More the merrier. Go out and hang out with a bunch of your friends and get along with more people. Healthy flirting is never bad. Sometimes, its the best therapy to come out of your relationship trauma.

If you have faced breakup, you will be able to relate to some of the above stated instances.

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