Yes, Attack Hurts But War Will Bring More Casualties!

Terror Attack In India

Around a couple of days before, our Indian army was targeted by a terror attack that killed 40+ of our brave Indian soldiers. This incidence not just left the entire nation in deep grief but has also created another level of disturbance amongst the citizens of the country.

While the country mourns with the families of our deceased country men, a lot of us have started posting comments full of hatred and anguish all around the social media.

Yes, we are hurt.
Yes, I feel the grief deep within as I see the crying families of our soldiers. Some of them were so young to have gone through this disgust. Many of them were just newly married and above all they were humans.

As I scroll down my social pages, I see huge comments about how we should take revenge of this sinful act. In so many groups on Facebook, which I am part of, people are posting how India will take its revenge or won’t back out etc etc.

On second thought, I start getting goosebumps thinking about its consequences.

Won’t there be more casualties? Won’t there be 4000+ soldiers and their families?

Who would be at loss?

They or we? Once again..!

I hope it does not turn into a war… Because a war now will be a nuclear war which will leave both countries destroyed and push them back by some 50 years which is scarier as hell.

Is that what we want?

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