You Can’t Judge When Depression Has Started Affecting You

Get over depression and live a happy life

Suffering from depression and not knowing it? Depression is a silent killer. Every year thousands of people across the world suffer from this silent killer and many of them do not know that depression has set in. Depression is not a one day process and it takes longer for depression to set in and show its effects.

It can be due to any reason, be it personal or professional. Moreover, people who seem strong enough also suffer from depression and it is another reason that they do not know about it. So, what could be the signs that indicate that depression has set in?

  1. The person remains low

Anyone who might be suffering from depression often remains low in energy. The person might be thinking that this low energy could be due to some medical ailment but in cases when all is not good in the home or there is some conflict in the professional circles, depression might have set in silently without the person being able to judge the reasons for the same.

  1. Absence or loss of a loved one

Sometimes a person can also suffer from depression due to the absence or loss of a loved one from their life. The world might seem okay from the surface but the person would be suffering from depression within. This might be due to the reason that the person might be emotionally dependent upon the other person who has now suddenly left.

This is likely to have an effect on the other person and they are likely to lose interest in their daily work. The effect may be temporary or permanent depending upon the affinity between the two people.

  1. Not able to achieve professional goals

This is one of the possible scenarios in which a person might be suffering from depression on daily basis but would not know about the same. The person would be working hard but would remain lost in thoughts and would not be able to contribute fully to the work he or she would be doing. The depression would have set in and the person would not be realizing the same and yet would be leading a normal life.

The above-listed scenarios are some of the cases in which depression would set in without the person knowing about it. If any of these circumstances have built up in your life and you are feeling low or depressed, it might be possible that depression is setting in.


Take a break, chill and learn to live life as it comes. Moving ahead is the only way of leading a peaceful and happy life. Accept the facts and be strong. Life is all about being happy and carefree, once you adopt this approach, life would become enjoyable to the core.


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