I Heard A Singing Voice At 2:00am On Malcha Marg – Haunted Place In Delhi

malcha marg, haunted place in Delhi

It was around 1:45-2am on a Friday evening when Karan (my husband) and I were returning back after watching a movie. Since the days are busy at work, we prefer watching movies after 10 only. That’s like a normal time for us to travel after movies or social hang outs. So like every time, we were simply driving back home from Chanakya Puri towards Rajender Nagar. The roads, during that hour are simply awesome I would say. Otherwise in Delhi, you have to lock yourself inside a room to get that much peace and relaxation.

Since not many cars were blocking our way, we were driving at a decent speed but with no music. Usually after watching any movie, we dig deep into the movie, pin point all the nitty gritties especially when the subject is society or stereotypes prevailing around. After watching Manto, what else could it be any ways. I am strictly against the various social issues and always have a strong opinion against the problems prevailing in our society. Right when the discussion closed somewhere on a hilarious note, I heard Karan  singing in a weird voice. I asked him to be shut up as that bold voice of his was not great at all. He didn’t stop and I asked him to stop again. Even while driving, he turned his face towards me and said I am not singing okay. I just made a sound or twice and why do you have a problem with a normal sound?

I looked on my left, on the street, then turned to my right, looked back too, and hurriedly tried checking if the music system was on but it wasn’t and there wasn’t anyone on the road. I asked Karan to stop fooling if he was as it was a strange kind of voice just how it used to be a lady singing the background music of some old time movie. He said he wasn’t singing and raised the speed of the car. Then he said, may be some car was crossing by and usually guys play music on high volumes on those roads, at those hours. I said I know there wasn’t any car around. I was 200% sure that no one had crossed us, nor there were cars on the other side of the roads either.

I asked him what area was it and he said it was Malcha Marg. Chills rolled down my entire body and I asked him again if this was. He said it was. However, till the time I had been looking around and asking him again and again, we had already crossed that area. I told him, I hadn’t felt that way ever before and he kept saying it would be some cars crossing by, I might have missed noticing.

Two days later, while we were chilling with couple of friends, he told me that he too had noticed that there weren’t any cars around, no music was playing and he wasn’t even humming any song or a single sound even. He said that the moment I mentioned about the voice, he had raised the speed to rush out of the area as Malcha Marg comes under the most haunted areas of the Delhi.

Being scare and excited, that very moment I started Googling if anyone has ever heard voices there or anyone has seen anything. But to my surprise the only story I could read about was how the princess had struggled for 10 years to get her property back and her kids still live there, away from the hustle bustle of the city. If no one had heard anything around that place, how could I?

I still get goose bumps, the moment I think about the drive on that road that night. Even after watching ample of movies around other areas, we never try to cross the Malcha Marg at least during the nighttime.

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